Honey Bee Belt Buckle

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Honey bees and human beekeepers have been living together in a symbiosis for the last 10,000 years. As one of humanity's first sources of sweetness and a food that will NEVER go bad, not to mention the various medicinal traits of honey and propolis and pollen, it's no wonder that we've spent so long keeping honey bee hives and building a science called Apiary. The queen bees and her workers have become a symbol for hard work, industriousness, and an "all-for-one" mentality- ask Utah. They put the honey bee hive on their flag and called themselves "The Beehive State" not because there are a lot of beekeepers in the state but because they value the lessons of the honey bee. So whether a backyard beekeeper with a handful of bee hives, or a serious apiarist, or even someone who thinks bees and their contribution to this world is friggin rad- this honey bee belt buckle is going to be right and timeless. Bee-lieve it!

You aren’t basic. Why would your belt buckle be? We craft and deliver custom metal belt buckles built to make a lasting impression. Choose from a variety of metals hand forged by real American craftsmen. Each belt buckle is fully customizable and built to order, just for you, and ready to attach perfectly to any 1 ½” wide black or brown leather belt with a snap.

We personally fabricate every aspect of these belt buckles and proudly stand behind our conviction: YOU BREAK IT, WE FIX IT. Though our belt buckles are rough-and-tumble and built to last, yours will look right at home perched on top of a pair of crisp slacks or those beat up old farm jeans that your wife keeps telling you to chuck in the trash.


  1. Select buckle shape in the dropdown above:

Our customizable metal belt buckles are available in four different shapes; standard rectangle, oval, circle, and small rectangle. Click through the gallery of images to see examples of each.

  • Standard Rectangle: 3 ½ x 2 ¼ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 3.8oz
  • Oval: 3 ½ x 2 ¼ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 3.8oz
  • Circle: 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 2.5oz
  • Small: 2 ½ x 1 ¾ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 2.5oz
  1. Select metal type in the dropdown above:

Our metal belt buckles are available in a variety of metals; copper, nickel silver, or brass. Click through the gallery images above to see examples of each.

  • Copper: Pure 99% solid copper. Super conductive, corrosion resistant, and most expressive of the three metals. Quickest to develop fashionable patina.
  • Brass: An alloy metal containing copper and zinc. Second hardest of the metal types. Brass belt buckles will slowly develop a rich saffron patina.
  • Nickel Silver: Also called ‘white brass’ or ‘German silver’. Hardest of all three metals. Most likely to resist patina and scratches.
  1. Add a personalized inscription (+$29.99) *Optional*:

Personalize the back of your belt buckle by adding a message or name. This is a great option for gifts, memorials, or groups. (Not available on SMALL size buckles)

Looking for the perfect leather belt to accompany your new buckle? Our 100% American made, full grain leather belts are hand dyed and thick enough to last you a lifetime! (10oz/4mm) Brass or nickel snaps make it easy to swap your buckle for any occasion.

  1. Select your quantity and “add to cart”:

Our metal belt buckles are available in any quantity with no minimum order. Once you have selected the quantity of belt buckles you’d like to order, click the blue ADD TO CART button and proceed to checkout. Your buckle will ship within 7 business days. Don’t hesitate to contact MetalSomeArt@gmail.com with any questions!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cheryl Nixon
Bee buckle

The buckle looked great but wished it was at least an inch bigger. Was a little small for the 6' guy we gave it to.

Bob Humphrey
Excellent craftsmanship

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the buckle. Great detail and truly a treasure.

First class

Outstanding assistance and first class products. I have three different buckles and all are outstanding. Five star.

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