4th Infantry Division US ARMY Belt Buckle

  • $ 65.00

These belts are the perfect balance of resilience, class, AND they're cost effective.

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Handmade Belt Buckles

By Real American Craftsmen

Forged From Real Metal

Every Order Customizable

Made Specifically FOR YOU

Modern production has brought us a lot of convenience…but it’s also delivered us a boat load of disposable crap. Today, things are made in the piles for a general sense of “what the customer wants.” You are not “general” and you are not a faceless smudge in the crowd; you are an individual and Metal Some Art makes real products for authentic people like you.

Every belt buckle is made to order, just for you- with your image permanently etched into the metal itself! The connecting loop is constructed from 1/8 inch copper rod and brass tube creating a swivel loop that allows for greater conformity to a dynamic body. All standard hardware will accommodate an average 1.5 inch wide belt. We personally fabricate every aspect of these belt buckles and proudly stand behind our conviction: YOU BREAK IT, WE FIX IT.

Though our belt buckles are rough-and-tumble and built to last, yours will look right at home perched on top of a pair of crisp slacks or those beat up old farm jeans that your wife keeps telling you to chuck in the trash.


    • your choice of metal (copper, brass, or nickel silver) and shape (standard rectangle, oval, circle, or small)
    • belt buckles measure:

Standard & Oval: 3 ½ x 2 ¼ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 3.8oz

Circle: 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 2.5oz

Small: 2 ½ x 1 ¾ inches, 14 gauge (as thick as a quarter), 1.5oz

    • handmade, bi-metal hardware to attach your belt buckle to any 1 ½” belt with a snap
    • hand soldered with lead-free, silver bearing solder
    • each etch is powder coated to offer superior longevity and a resilient, crisp image
    • select 1.5” wide genuine leather belt from the options above
    • personalize your belt buckle with a special inscription on the back (select in options above)




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