Genuine Leather Snap-On Belt for your New Belt Buckle

  • $ 39.00

Our Genuine Full Grain Leather Snap On belts are where it's at!

In today's world, quality vs. cost is always the issue.  While you may not be ready to drop $80 or more on a handmade leather strap that'll be there when you're buried, neither do you want some junky knock-off that's going to split and tear under the strain of your active life. 

These belts are the perfect balance of resilience, class, AND they're cost effective. 

We've put this full grain leather through the ringer in multiple stress tests and describe these to our customers as a solid 5 year belt (that's 1,800 days and nights, at least).  The quality leather that these belts are cut from will not dry and splinter but rather mature and conform to your body through normal wear.

Available in two colors: the Classic Gloss Black looks sharp with with silver and brass buckles perched on dark slacks or blue denim while the Ranger Brown pairs well with brass or copper and combines well with earth toned suits, beaten-up blue jeans, or rugged canvas.

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