Legend of Zelda Belt Buckle - MasterSword

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These belts are the perfect balance of resilience, class, AND they're cost effective.

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Handmade Belt Buckles

By Real American Craftsmen

Forged From Real Metal

Every Order Customizable

Made Specifically FOR YOU

Modern production has brought us a lot of convenience…but it’s also delivered us a boat load of disposable crap. Today, things are made in the piles for a general sense of “what the customer wants.” You are not “general” and you are not a faceless smudge in the crowd; you are an individual and Metal Some Art makes real products for authentic people like you.

Every belt buckle is made to order, just for you- with your image permanently etched into the metal itself! The connecting loop is constructed from 1/8 inch copper rod and brass tube creating a swivel loop that allows for greater conformity to a dynamic body. All standard hardware will accommodate an average 1.5 inch wide belt. We personally fabricate every aspect of these belt buckles and proudly stand behind our conviction: YOU BREAK IT, WE FIX IT.

Though our belt buckles are rough-and-tumble and built to last, yours will look right at home perched on top of a pair of crisp slacks or those beat up old farm jeans that your wife keeps telling you to chuck in the trash. 


    • your choice of metal (copper, brass, or nickel silver) and shape (standard rectangle, oval, circle, or small)
    • belt buckles measure:

Standard & Oval: 3 ½ x 2 ¼ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 3.8oz

Circle: 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches, 11 gauge (as thick as two dimes), 2.5oz

Small: 2 ½ x 1 ¾ inches, 14 gauge (as thick as a quarter), 1.5oz

    • handmade, bi-metal hardware to attach your belt buckle to any 1 ½” belt with a snap
    • hand soldered with lead-free, silver bearing solder
    • each etch is powder coated to offer superior longevity and a resilient, crisp image
    • select 1.5” wide genuine leather belt from the options above
    • personalize your belt buckle with a special inscription on the back (select in options above)




Customer Reviews

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Amazing Quality and Speed of Delivery

Extremely satisfied with the quality of the product and the speed of delivery. I placed an order for a stock-design buckle on 04-24, and I received it on 04-27. The brass is substantially thick, has a slightly brushed look, and it isn't highly polished, which is to my taste. It attaches perfectly to my new 1.5" belt, and both the loop and the post feel extremely solid. I always wanted an awesome belt buckle, and this does not disappoint. I will be ordering from here again.

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